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Luneng Haixi CSP Project creates new record of daily electricity generation

2021-6-7 11:17:41

On June 4, Luneng Haixi CSP Project achieved a new daily high of generating capacity of the sametype of CSP projects in China, reaching 1.0962 million kWh. During the period, the maximum load of the unit was 50.5MW, the average load was 45.6MW, and theplant power consumption rate was 10.724%, all the above indicators are the bestrecord since the operation.

This project is located in the east export photovoltaic power generation park of Golmud, Qinghai Province. It is the first solar-thermal power generation project in the national demonstration project of multi-energy complementary integration optimization. The project uses binary molten salt as the collection and storageheat exchange medium and has the largest single-side heliostat in China. The designed annual power generation is 178.5 million kWh, and the designed effective heat storage time is 12 hours, which can realize continuous 24 hours of uninterrupted power generation. It greatly improves the electricity supply in northwest of China, and provides important data support for the high-capacity desert solar thermal power projects in the future.