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Shihezi Project unit 1 connects to the grid by one time after A-level overhaul

2021-5-18 15:54:27

At 10:00 of May 16, Shihezi Project unit1 was successfully connected to the grid by one time after A-level overhaul.The parameters of the steam turbine mechanical overspeed test were normal,marking the completion of A-level overhaul.

Tianwei power plant unit 1 A-leveloverhaul, which has lasted for 53 days, includes the maintenance of #1 boiler,steam turbine, generator, air-cooling island, electrostatic precipitator,desulfurization, denitrification device and all auxiliary equipment, the technicaltransformation of different departments, as well as various special testsbefore and after shutdown. The project is located at East 2nd Road, NorthDevelopment Zone, Shihezi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The scope of thecontract mainly includes the maintenance of boiler, the main and auxiliaryequipment of main and reheat steam system, the generator and auxiliary system,the thermal system that involved in the production directly, the public systemfor production services, the accessory equipment and components, such aspipelines, supports and hangers, and testing, monitoring, and measuring devicesof the 2×330MW unit.