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SEPCOIII wins the contracts of domestic projects

2021-6-1 16:46:11

Recently, SEPCOIII won the EPC contracts for Qinghai Golmud Dongtai 100MW Wind Power Project and Luneng Suzhou District Dongdongtan 50MW Photovoltaic Project of CGDG, which added new achievements for the Company’s focusing on major customer market development.

Qinghai Golmud Dongtai 100MW Wind Power Project is located in Gansenquan Lake Planning New Energy Base area in Qinghai Province, 200km away from Golmud City. The planned installed capacity of the project is not less than 100MW. It is planned to install 3000kW-3600kW wind turbines and build a new 110kV booster station. Luneng Suzhou Dongdongtan 50MW Photovoltaic Project is located in Dongdongtan Photovoltaic Power Station Industrial Park, Suzhou District, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province. It is 20km away from Jiuquan urban area.

Winning the bids for two projects at the same time, SEPCOIII once again demonstrates its comprehensive strength and good strategic cooperation relationship between the two parties. It is also another fruit of the company’s concentration of superior resources and continuous deep cultivation of the key customer market.

At present, the preparatory work for the two projects has been in full swing.